AlitaSwap Weekly Highlights | 27/9 – 3/10

We’ve been striving to make sure you’re kept in the loop with all that has been accomplished so far at, because you deserve it! So, without further ado…a detailed rundown of this past week’s notable happenings.

It’s the first Sunday of October and a fitting end to another bustling and prosperous week for We have been working hard with all that has happened this past week in order for us not just to be successful as a DeFi venture but also to feel like we’ve made an impact on your financial lives as well.

Thank YOU for being with us every step of the journey. You’re the reason why (and DeFi) will continue onward into next year (and beyond)!

We’ve been striving to make sure you’re kept in the loop with all that has been accomplished so far at, because you deserve it! So, without further ado…a detailed rundown of this past week’s notable happenings:

Product development

The much anticipated and eagerly awaited Share-to-Earn Program finally made its debut on AlitaSwap early this week. Alitians are now able to generate great passive income streams just simply by referring their friends to AlitaSwap through their personalized invitation links.

Referrers are awarded 6% on top of what their referrals earn from farming or staking pools. Our flexible reward-sharing scheme also allows inviters to share 50% of their referral bonuses with their buddies. Get your friends on board and start sharing ALI rewards with them today!

Farm reward redistribution 2.0

This past week, decided to redistribute the ALI rewards amongst all existing AlitaSwap farms in an effort to further incentivize the core ALI farms as well as increase the ALI rewards for the farms with high daily trading volumes (ALI-USDT; ALI-BNB; ALI-BUSD; ALI-ETH). To find out what those reward changes might mean for your investments, check our latest farm reward update here!

Global marketing efforts

The team is always on the lookout for ways to bring together DeFi enthusiasts from around the world! One way is through our lineup of weekly contests and events that are organized in a fun, lucrative, and creative manner.

Within this past week alone, we capped off two massive AMA sessions conducted in collab with our partners Crypto Miners & CryptoTitans. Our ongoing global AMA series has been highly successful in exposing across the crypto world. We’ll keep these global appearances going so that our Alitians from across the globe can meet us live and ask us any questions they might have about and DeFi.

We had a lot of fun hosting our first-ever Reddit Q&A contest from 23-30 September. The best entries were determined and announced earlier this week. 5 winners were crowned in this exciting contest. Eager to learn about who those lucky 5 were? Check out this post for all the details. was also hosting another rewarding Q&A session in partnership with Arzano Crypto earlier today. Participants were given the opportunity to raise their burning DeFi questions during the live event taking place on Arzano Crypto’s Telegram channel for a chance to share a prize pool of $100. Keep your eyes peeled as the list of winners will soon be released all over our official social media channels. Perhaps you can find yourselves amongst those lucky few!

This week’s festivities came to an end with a price prediction contest, which has been held for the third time in a row. One lucky winner will walk away with a $100 prize, having accurately predicted what ALI’s value would be on 5 October 2021 at 1:00 PM UTC. This contest runs on an ongoing weekly basis so don’t forget about it next weekend either if want your shot at some sweet rewards from us.

Until next time…

It has always been our goal to create an inclusive and welcoming community that upholds transparency and honesty with each other. It’s really important for us that you are well informed of all that’s been accomplished so far as well as what we’re preparing next for your benefit. Our updated checklist is sure to give you an indication of how things have been going at

September was a month of success for with huge accomplishments and growing popularity as it moves forward with its DeFi endeavor, continuing to break records left, right, and center. The team has put together an informative recap on all the milestones we achieved together with YOU this past September. Read more here.

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