AlitaSwap Weekly Highlights | 25/10 – 31/10

Before we all celebrate the last day of October with a spooky party, let’s take a momentary pause to reflect on all the star-studded things that happened throughout the past seven days at

This week has been an amazing journey, one we are so grateful to have shared with all of you. It was especially meaningful for us when our community showed up in droves and helped make such a success! Thank you to everyone that came together as a community on this project.

Before we all celebrate the last day of October with a spooky party, let’s take a momentary pause to reflect on all the star-studded things that happened throughout the past seven days at

Product development

This week, two new farming pairs were added to AlitaSwap’s farm selection. The total number of active farms on AlitaSwap now stands at 14 – all offer fantastic investment opportunities with delicious returns.

AlitaSwap’s most profitable crop right now (HERO/BNB) yields around 2080% on annualized return. There are many more lucrative farms available at AlitaSwap, so take your pick and click here to start farming with us today by using our “Quick Farm” feature. All it takes is just one mouseclick for instant profit.

Farm reward update 3.0

The team has made a few minor changes to how AlitaSwap’s farms work. More specifically, within this week alone, the ALI rewards on the HERO/BNB farm were reduced from 1X to 0.5X.

Additionally, the BABY/BNB farm was removed. These changes have been made to help improve the overall performance and efficiency of our farming system. Our team will be on the lookout for any improvements that could further improve our users’ trading experience. in the media has been making waves in the crypto community, with its recent successes and ambitious plans highlighted by two major crypto publications within this week alone – ZyCrypto and Coinspeaker. has been working relentlessly on a lot of cool projects that will soon be dished out and we’re really excited for you to gain firsthand insight into what has up its sleeve. Click on either link below for an article from each publication showcasing’s current work and plans for future growth:

Global marketing efforts is in full swing and we’re still not slowing down. Every day, there’re new contests or exhilarating events to get you hyped. The past 7 days have been no exception as we’ve got contests and events going on all week long.

It’s been a week of lively AMA and Q&A sessions. We had four AMAs with different crypto communities across the globe, in addition to two live Q&A webinars. Every single AMA/Q&A session organized by presents a unique opportunity for people within this industry or newcomers interested in blockchain technology to learn more about how DeFi works and how we can all together achieve financial freedom with a little help from

The winners of our 2nd AlitaSwap Reddit Q&A Contest have been announced this week. As always, we were overwhelmed with the passion and creativity put forth by you all! Thank YOU for your enthusiastic responses – it was such a pleasure to read through each answer submitted by you (and there were some absolute gems). Find the ultimate list of winners who shared a prize pool of $100 here. has been making waves in the crypto world with its innovative ideas and attractive offers. It was featured on some of the most popular crypto YouTube channels this past week. Check out the videos below to hear what people think about our project.

Until next time…

Happy Halloween, Alitians!

On this spookiest night of the year, don’t let any FUD get in your way of HODLing!

Join us and help the crypto economy reach farther with a little bit of DeFi in your life.

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